Pause Trading [Feature Release]

Pausing trading on your exchange account will mean no trades will be executed during the paused time. You won’t be able to trade for any reason, not even by pressing the “Rebalance Now” button. (Trading by directly logging into your exchange account and execution trades is of course still possible, but these trades won’t be executed by Shrimpy).

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Dollar-Cost Averaging for Cryptocurrency Portfolios

Dollar-cost averaging (DCA) is a strategy used by investors to reduce down-side risk of placing large sums of money into the market at one time.

While this can be in the form of purchasing a single asset on a regular interval, it should also be considered as a way to regularly inject new funds into a portfolio.

These funds are then distributed to the portfolio based on set target allocations.

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Live Crypto Price Charts

Instead of navigating every crypto exchange to track the price of an asset in real-time, you will now be able to access charts across each exchange without navigating to their individual websites.

This provides the most immersive experience for viewing asset information, charts, and depth data across every major exchange.

Quickly chart any asset, collect stats, and research cryptocurrencies.

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How Shrimpy Users Can Automate Their Crypto Tax Reporting With CryptoTrader.Tax

Cryptocurrency gains and losses tax reporting is a sensitive topic amongst traders. With a large number of rumors flying around, I thought it would be helpful to explain exactly how cryptocurrency gains and losses are taxed and discuss how traders using automated trading tools like Shimpy can automate the tax reporting process through the use of crypto tax software and crypto tax calculators like CryptoTrader.Tax.

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Binance.US Customers Can Now Trade With Shrimpy

The Shrimpy team is excited to announce the exchange has been integrated into our trading infrastructure for full access across all Shrimpy products!

Advanced Binance US customers can now access data and trading functionality through the Shrimpy Crypto Trading API. Execute smart order routing strategies, collect historical data, or access real-time websockets.

Additionally, professional traders can manage their portfolio across every major exchange and now by leveraging the Shrimpy Portfolio Management Service. Rebalance your assets, access real-time data, and analyze the market in a way which can maximize your portfolio.

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Websockets Will Require A Data Subscription Starting October 10th

Behind the scenes, our team is working to continuously improve the quality and speed of our websocket streams. In the last few weeks, we’ve managed to release infrastructure upgrades which have reduced our latency by as much as 75%. We won’t stop until Shrimpy provides the most advanced websocket services in the industry.

As we globalize our infrastructure, it will be critical for our team to have the resources necessary to maintain our server network.

Due to the high cost of developing and scaling a geo-distributed low latency network, the Shrimpy team has decided to bundle the websockets into our data plan.

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Automating Crypto Portfolios with Trading Scripts [Binance, Bittrex, KuCoin]

Automating your cryptocurrency portfolio can be a complex process if you try to implement the management logic from scratch. Instead of building the automation infrastructure from the ground up, this article will cover how to implement an automated portfolio strategy with only a few lines of code in Python.

The time consuming process of constructing a diverse portfolio is reduced to simple logic. No more logging into your cryptocurrency exchanges, or manually calculating the balances of each of your assets across exchanges.

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Shrimpy will require a paid subscription starting October 10th

Shrimpy will require every user to have a paid subscription by October 10th at 10 am PDT. Failing to subscribe will result in the disabling of all trading activity on your Shrimpy account. Existing users with premium subscriptions don't need to make any changes to their account.

The new pricing plans start at $13/mo for annual subscriptions ($19/mo for monthly). However, you have the chance to lock in a subscription with our old pricing of $8.99 per month if you upgrade before October 10th.

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Python Scripts for Crypto Trading Bots [API Trading Tutorial]

If you’ve been in the cryptocurrency market for more than a few days, you probably know the feeling of the market dropping and you feel hopeless in cashing out your portfolio into a stablecoin or Bitcoin.

Instead of panicking, take control of your portfolio by learning how to write powerful scripts which can instantly execute the trades you need to move in and out of positions.

By the end of this tutorial, you will be equipped with tools which allow you to fully automate and control your portfolio without ever logging into your exchange accounts.

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A Python Script for Cryptocurrency Price Charts from Binance, Bittrex, and Kraken

Plot candlestick data across every major exchange in less than 15 minutes.

Starting from complete scratch, you will be able to plot your first cryptocurrency candlestick data chart by the end of the article - In less than 15 minutes.

Building tools which take advantage of exchange data is a nightmare in the cryptocurrency space. The limited number of available tools means you need to develop features from scratch.

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The End of Crypto Signal Groups

Crypto signal groups were all the rage in 2017. It’s been two years since that time and the magic is fading. Instead of feeling empowered, traders are feeling more and more like they got burned.

It turns out many of these signal groups were more concerned with marketing than actually generating quality signals.

The end is near for crypto signal groups.

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Binance Blocks US Customers - Where Will Crypto Traders Go Now?

Binance will begin blocking US customers from trading on the website. In attempt to become compliant with US law, they will be opening a new exchange which is designed for US customers. This exchange, named, will be able to support US customers who are still interested in using Binance as their home exchange.

But, we know you have questions.

  • What is going to happen next?

  • What if I don’t want to use

  • What are the best crypto exchanges for trading now?

  • Does this mark the end of Binance?

Don’t worry, we will answer all of these questions and more as we dig into everything that is going on with Binance.

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