New Pricing Plans for the Shrimpy Developer APIs

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As the Shrimpy team begins to roll out historical market data for each of our supported exchanges, it comes time for us to revisit our pricing plans.

Over the course of the last 9 months, we’ve had some time to evaluate the way we originally priced the Shrimpy developer APIs.

What we’ve found is the credit model we released with the first version of the Shrimpy APIs was not the ideal model for us or our developers. The management of subscriptions was cumbersome and confusing. The pricing didn’t make sense for our team and it’s time for a change.

For this reason, we are rolling out a tiered pricing model which splits up active users and historical data. These two categories allow for a simple way for developers to decide how many users and how much data they would like to access from Shrimpy.

You can view our detailed pricing page here.

Active Users Plan

Selecting how many active users you can manage means you will be able to execute trades, collect data, rebalance, and more for the specified number of active users.

Instead of managing each individual user’s subscription, our team has simplified the process so determining active users is automatic. Individual users get marked as active as they interact with Shrimpy throughout each payment period. The details of how users are marked as active can be found in our help article here.

This means you can spend less time actively managing your users and focus on the things which matter to you.


Active users pricing tiers.

Active users pricing tiers.

Instead of purchasing individual credits to activate users, the new pricing plans allow you to manage up to a set number of active users. The number of active users you can manage depend on the pricing tier.

Starting at a $14 tier, developers can manage up to 10 users. This means whether you manage 1 or 10 users, the price for this tier is $14.

Each incremental tier supports additional users. Up until 1,000 active users, at which point the developer should contact the Shrimpy team to receive a personalized quote.

Our infrastructure is designed to scale to millions of active users, so our team is prepared to provide quotes from anything from 5,000 active users to 5,000,000 active users.

Historical Data Plan

With the release of our historical data endpoints, the Shrimpy team needed to think carefully about how this new offering fit into our existing pricing plans.

Due to the nature of historical data and the cost associated with collecting, storing, and serving the data, our team made the decision to price this data separately. That way developers can access historical data without paying for active users and vice versa.


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Similar to the active user pricing, there are now pricing tiers for each of the available data plans.

For simplicity, the maximum number of trade data points or order book snapshots which could be accessed at each tier is included in the pricing table.

This pricing model allows users to separately access historical data and execute trades with active users.

The lowest tier we observe is a $35 tier which provides up to 1,000,000 trade data points or 100,000 order book snapshots per month. That means each month, the number of data points you can access is reset when your subscription renews.

For more information about how we price trade data points and order book snapshots, please read the help article here.

The number of data points you can collect at each data tier rapidly increases until you reach the highest tier of 2 billion trade data points or 200 million order book snapshots per month.

If you require anything above this tier, we request you reach out to us to directly to get a quote from our team. We are ready to provide tiers for any amount of data you need.

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