Share Your Cryptocurrency Portfolio to Earn Money


We’re living in hectic times. Cryptocurrency prices are violently dancing around the charts while onlookers stare in confusion. The distant look in the eyes of those getting into the space tells us a story - it’s not clear where to begin. Most people coming into the market barely understand Bitcoin. It has been but a whisper in the wind or a flash across the television screen. For most, it means nothing. Bitcoin is just black magic sorcery. People have no idea why or how it’s used.

It’s time we educate the masses, so new users spend less time wandering aimlessly through the void. We need to develop a platform which fights for understanding. One which increases the net knowledge available for us to access. Our team is excited to accelerate this mission by providing powerful social tools that crypto users can leverage to generate discussions around cryptocurrencies.

Help others get started in the crypto market by becoming a social leader. We will succeed by working together, so let’s get going.

Become a Leader

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In the Shrimpy application, becoming a leader is simple once you’ve decided to take the leap. Head on over to the “Social” tab. This is where you will see each of the leaders displayed. If you select a leader, you will be able to see their portfolio, follow them, and discuss.

To become one of these leaders, select the “BECOME A LEADER” button in the upper right hand corner of this page. This will take you through a brief form which will ask you to select a leader name and share a description for your portfolio strategy.

Share a Portfolio

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Once you’ve entered your information you can share your portfolio. This helps recruit new people to your group, build a community, and engage cryptocurrency users across other social media platforms.

Sharing your portfolio is as easy as selecting the “MY PROFILE” button that replaced the “BECOME A LEADER” button after you became a leader. You will see the following popup which shows your username, description, and sharing options. You can either select one of the popular social media options for sharing your link, or you can copy the link to share in a custom way.

Build a Community

Building trusted communities has become a core feature of Shrimpy. When you share your profile, people will have access to your public portfolio before joining. Viewers can see your historical performance, ranking among other Shrimpy users, the strategy you’ve implemented, and two of the assets in your portfolio. Signing up and paying for premium services will grant your followers complete access to your portfolio. They will also be able to activate your portfolio for live updates. Every time you alter your portfolio, these changes will be propagated to your followers.

A user that signs up through your public portfolio page will automatically credit you with a referral. Each referral pays $4 per user for the first 3 months the user makes a payment to Shrimpy.

Earn Money

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Not only do you make money from referrals, but you also earn money for sustaining a healthy community. Each user that follows you earns you $4 per month. That means you can make up to $8 a month for each user that follows you, if that user was referred by you as well.

That’s right!

Building a community in Shrimpy earns. As you continue to grow, so does your payout.

Transforming the Crypto Market

Shrimpy is building a social future for cryptocurrency. A future which bridges the gap between the old and the new financial systems. As traders and crypto users flood into the market, we provide a place for these new members to engage with knowledgeable people who are looking to form lasting relationships.

Join us on this journey by signing up for Shrimpy and tapping into our global network.

About Shrimpy

Shrimpy is a free crypto portfolio management application, index fund creator, rebalancing bot, and social platform. Connect to 16 cryptocurrency exchanges through a single unified dashboard.

Shrimpy’s Universal Crypto Exchange APIs give developers instant access to uniform trading APIs which integrate 16+ of the top exchanges. Collect data, manage users, execute advanced trading strategies, and power your crypto application with our universal exchange APIs.

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