Shrimpy Gives Poloniex a Second Chance


When you think of redemption stories, Poloniex may not be the first thing that comes to mind…

… Unless you use Shrimpy.

Early Shrimpy adopters remember a time when Poloniex was a supported exchange. It was the first exchange we released along with the first version of Shrimpy. Everything went great, for a while. Over the course of several months, issues started surfacing with the Poloniex APIs. Trades were failing, their servers wouldn’t respond for long periods of time, and data was getting lost. We had no choice but to discontinue our support.

Then, a miracle. Circle purchased Poloniex.

We started noticing updates to their APIs once again. At one point, we even got an answer to one of our support tickets! We thought it was a mirage at first, but it turned out to simply be our own disbelief. Poloniex was making progress.


These attempts to move the exchange forward gave us hope that one day we would be able to once again rebalance on Poloniex.

Today is that day.

Shrimpy is giving Poloniex a second chance. The APIs have been re-enabled and Shrimpy users can once again begin managing their portfolios on Poloniex.

Join us as we revisit this old friend. Try rebalancing and let us know your experience with Poloniex!

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The Shrimpy Team