Shrimpy Institutional Platform Release


3 months ago, Shrimpy released a private beta for institutions. During this time, we acquired a great deal of feedback and understanding from institutions regarding the biggest challenges they face when looking to invest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects.

One of our biggest takeaways from our conversations with institutional investors was the growing market demand for dedicated investment management tools. Currently, most digital assets are managed through individual exchange accounts, which can be extremely time-consuming when managing and executing a portfolio strategy.

Exchanges have a core business model of collecting fees from users trading on their platform. They have incentive to promote user activity activity, as exchange volume and liquidity directly correlates to their bottom line.

Shrimpy, on the other hand, is focused on creating a complete investment management platform for cryptocurrency investors. Users can manage their cryptocurrencies and execute their investment strategy directly through our unified dashboard.

Today we are announcing the public release of our Institutional Platform! Shrimpy’s Institutional Platform is the complete cryptocurrency investment management platform for investors. Here are some of our best tools and features available for our users:

Portfolio Tracker

Unified dashboard tracks entire digital asset portfolio performance.

Backtest Tool

Backtest up to 5 years of historical data across multiple exchanges.

Automated Rebalancing 

Portfolios can be automatically rebalanced periodically. 

Dynamic Indexing

Custom asset allocations for capital investment.

Volatility protection

Spread & Slippage safeguards during volatile markets.

Multi-Exchange Support

Supports Exchange API integration with major exchanges.

Cold Wallet Support

Enter cold storage assets for a complete portfolio view.

Security & Encryption

User accounts are secured using hardware security modules (HSMs) and 2-Factor Authentication

Institutions are currently starved of having a set of dedicated analytical tools and services for cryptocurrency investment. Unlike exchanges or token projects that tend to have a motive or agenda for their community of users, Shrimpy is solely focused on creating a complete investment management platform for institutional investors.

Whether you are an institution with a single fund or plan on managing thousands of diverse clients, we are building the product for you. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have specific requirements that you would like to see in future versions of the Shrimpy Institutional platform. Our team is listening and ready to integrate the features you have been waiting to see.

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The Shrimpy Team