Shrimpy Introduces Insights

Shrimpy has been changing cryptocurrency indexing & portfolio management since the launch of Shrimpy Social. With Shrimpy Social, users are able to access other social users’ crypto portfolios and indexing strategies . Based on the positive feedback with our premium users, the Shrimpy team is proud to announce the release of Shrimpy Insights. Shrimpy Insights was created for users in search of accurate market data and trends to assist with their portfolio management and decision making.

In a space where facts and data are being increasingly obfuscated by rumors and hype, Shrimpy Insights aims to provide transparency with actual trends in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Insights are generated through a data-based approach using exchange and Shrimpy data. Premium users will be able access Shrimpy Insights from the Social tab in the dashboard. Insights will include the following: Rebalancing Insights & Social Insights

Rebalancing Insights

Want to learn about how other Shrimpy users are rebalancing? Rebalancing Insights shows all the different rebalancing strategies being used, as well as rebalancing event details.

Rebalancing Event Details: (Time & Date)

  • Learn about when other Shrimpy users are rebalancing their portfolios.

rebalance times.png

Number of Assets in Portfolios

  • See how many assets are being rebalanced in the portfolio of other Shrimpy users.

SOcial Insights

Want to know what other users are doing with Shrimpy? With Social Insights, you can now observe how other Shrimpy users are managing their crypto portfolios! Shrimpy Insights includes the following features:

Portfolio Performance vs. Shrimpy Users

  • Compare your portfolio’s performance with that of other Shrimpy users.

Asset Dominance

  • Learn how other Shrimpy users are allocating their crypto portfolio and their top allocated assets.

Asset Popularity

  • Learn about the most popular assets that Shrimpy’s users are allocating into their cryptocurrency index portfolios.

asset popularity.png

We’re excited to release these Social Insights for our Premium users because of unique value it provides. While the Free version provides all the tools necessary for crypto traders and users to manage and automate their own cryptocurrency index portfolio, Shrimpy Premium provides users with unique insights into other experienced cryptocurrency traders using Shrimpy to manage their crypto!

Leave a comment with features that YOU would like to see in Shrimpy!

-The Shrimpy Team


Free to use, Shrimpy is a portfolio and tracking application used by cryptocurrency traders looking to automate their portfolio. With Shrimpy, anyone can create a crypto index and implement an automated trading strategy within a matter of minutes.

Users can also track their entire crypto portfolio across multiple exchanges and cold storage wallets from a single unified dashboard.

Shrimpy’s Premium features include the following:

  • Social: The easiest way to follow other traders, share strategies, and learn about different assets.

  • Insights: A complete view of the most popular trends on Shrimpy.

  • Backtesting: An analysis and backtesting tool for evaluating crypto indexing strategies.

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