Universal Crypto Trading APIs - Personal Plans

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We’ve heard your feedback!

Recently, our team announced the bundling of our websocket streams into the Shrimpy Developer payment plans. This was met with concern - many of our customers are individual developers. People who want to build cool things for themselves. They aren’t a member of a large organization or have the resources to commit to a payment plan which is designed for companies.

After careful thought, We are happy to announce we will be rolling out a brand new personal subscription plan. This plan is specifically designed for individuals who want to access Shrimpy for personal projects. We believe this is the best way to build an inclusive community for everyone from solo developers to large institutions.

Our team is confident this will fill a gap in the market which is not currently serviced by any other crypto market data provider. We believe this will provide a low cost option for developers, students, and researchers who are developing personal projects.


The personal plan will have a flat cost of $19/mo.

As far as we know, this is the lowest price point in the industry for the features we provide.

What You Get

  • 1 user account you can manage

  • Link up to 20 exchange accounts

  • 2M Hours (12M websocket data credits) per month of Real-Time Websockets

    • Tick-by-Tick Trade Data Channel

    • Orderbook Data Channel

    • Best Bid/Ask Orders Channel

    • Shrimpy Executed Orders Channel

  • Trading

    • Smart Market Orders

    • Limit Orders

  • Live market data endpoints

    • Real-Time Orderbook Data

    • Market Ticker

    • Live Charting Candlesticks

  • Strategy backtesting

  • Asset selection insights


  • No access to OHLCV historical data endpoints

  • No access to historical trade data

  • No access to historical order book snapshots

  • Only 1 user

  • Restricted to linking 20 exchange accounts

If you have any questions about this new subscription tier, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at support@shrimpy.io with your questions.