Websockets Will Require A Data Subscription Starting October 10th


Behind the scenes, our team is working to continuously improve the quality and speed of our websocket streams. In the last few weeks, we’ve managed to release infrastructure upgrades which have reduced our latency by as much as 75%. We won’t stop until Shrimpy provides the most advanced websocket services in the industry.

As we globalize our infrastructure, it will be critical for our team to have the resources necessary to maintain our server network.

Due to the high cost of developing and scaling a geo-distributed low latency network, the Shrimpy team has decided to bundle the websockets into our data plan.


The websockets will be priced at 1 data credit per 10 minutes per websocket subscription. That means if you are subscribed to 100 trading pairs for 100 minutes, it will cost 1,000 data credits.


To provide a smooth transition to the new websocket pricing, please upgrade to a subscription plan before 10/10/2019 at 10 am PDT.

At that time, the APIs will require a one-time use token to access the websocket connection, before subscribing to trading pairs. The documentation on how to access this token can be found in our updated documentation here.

The Python and Node clients have both been updated with the required changes, so you can update your clients at any time before the transition.