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Pause Trading [Feature Release]

Pausing trading on your exchange account will mean no trades will be executed during the paused time. You won’t be able to trade for any reason, not even by pressing the “Rebalance Now” button. (Trading by directly logging into your exchange account and execution trades is of course still possible, but these trades won’t be executed by Shrimpy).

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How Shrimpy Users Can Automate Their Crypto Tax Reporting With CryptoTrader.Tax

Cryptocurrency gains and losses tax reporting is a sensitive topic amongst traders. With a large number of rumors flying around, I thought it would be helpful to explain exactly how cryptocurrency gains and losses are taxed and discuss how traders using automated trading tools like Shimpy can automate the tax reporting process through the use of crypto tax software and crypto tax calculators like CryptoTrader.Tax.

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Binance.US Customers Can Now Trade With Shrimpy

The Shrimpy team is excited to announce the exchange has been integrated into our trading infrastructure for full access across all Shrimpy products!

Advanced Binance US customers can now access data and trading functionality through the Shrimpy Crypto Trading API. Execute smart order routing strategies, collect historical data, or access real-time websockets.

Additionally, professional traders can manage their portfolio across every major exchange and now by leveraging the Shrimpy Portfolio Management Service. Rebalance your assets, access real-time data, and analyze the market in a way which can maximize your portfolio.

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Social Portfolios are Changing Cryptocurrency (Updated 2019)

Selecting which assets should be in your crypto portfolio is complicated. With Shrimpy, we have already created the easiest platform to select assets, allocate a diverse portfolio, and manage your cryptocurrency. Today, we are announcing the integration of social portfolios into the Shrimpy application.View the most popular allocations on the platform, follow industry leaders, and develop your strategy by working with the community. Picking assets will never be the same.

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Rate Limits for the API Data Endpoints are Changing!

Pricing plans are NOT changing!

Let’s get that out of the way so there is no confusion. None of our pricing plans will change. All of the data endpoints are still free. The difference is you will now be required to send your public API key in order to access higher rate limits.

To prevent disruption of service, please follow the updated documentation in our developer APIs here. Start sending each of your data requests with the public API key in the header. That way you have a smooth transition to the new request format.

Keep reading to get all of your questions answered!

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Shrimpy now accepts Crypto Payments

Today, our team is excited to announce we are now accepting cryptocurrency payments. Instead of relying on PayPal for subscriptions, everyone will now have the option to pay for premium services with crypto. This option will provide a way for you to access Shrimpy’s premium features at a discounted rate. Save as much as 22% by subscribing to Shrimpy for a full 12 months.

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Shrimpy adds Bitfinex 

The Shrimpy team is excited to announce Bitfinex is now available for portfolio automation and API access through Shrimpy. This marks the 16th exchange integrated into our rapidly growing platform. In the coming months, our vast coverage of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges will help us maintain our status as the leading crypto trading platform.

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Shrimpy now supports Bitstamp

Shrimpy is excited to announce official support for Bitstamp! 

All Bitstamp traders can now use the Shrimpy application to manage their own crypto index fund directly through their Bitstamp account!

Advanced Bitstamp traders can use Shrimpy’s Crypto Trading API to execute manual and automated orders. Crypto indexing and rebalancing features in the Shrimpy Application are also available in the Shrimpy API.

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