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How to Create a Diverse Crypto Portfolio with Coinbase Pro

Coinbase has been a leading exchange in the crypto space for several years now. Not only do they provide the most robust fiat on-ramp for getting into crypto, but they also have a rapidly growing crypto to crypto exchange — Coinbase Pro.

Coinbase Pro features a diverse selection of the top assets available in the crypto market. In order to capture the benefits of this rapidly growing industry for your portfolio, we will walk you through the steps to build your first cryptocurrency portfolio. Once you’re set up, you will have an easy way to manage your portfolio over time.

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An Analysis of High Frequency Rebalancing  -  A New Strategy for Crypto Portfolio Management

Our team has analyzed the performance of hundreds of thousands of different portfolios over the course of the last year. We’ve found the rebalance period which historically performed the best was somewhere between 1 hour and 1 day. This study will investigate these intraday rebalance periods to determine how rebalances between 1 hour and 1 day has historically performed. The goal is to better characterize high frequency rebalances. 

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Exchange Liquidity - A Comparative Study

As a cornerstone of the cryptocurrency space, exchanges serve as a primary liquidity channel on which digital assets can be bought and sold. In this study, we’ll take a look at the effect that exchange liquidity can have on a portfolio with a basic rebalancing strategy in place. We will be comparing the liquidity markets for both Binance and Bittrex, two of the more prominent exchanges within the U.S crypto market.

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