Feeling Left Out By The $250K+ Coinbase Index Fund?

Coinbase just released it’s crypto fund which has a minimum investment threshold of $250,000.

Take a deep breath

I did just say $250,000.


Not only that, you can only “diversify” across 4 assets, balanced by market cap. That’s like calling your New York studio apartment “spacious”. Don’t kid yourself. We all know there isn’t enough room to host your friends. After all, they are all over at their other friends house because “he has a back yard” and “doesn’t charge people for visiting”.

But enough about me.

People want a solution that encourages diversity. Something that allows control over their investments. Maybe even select from a pool of assets that includes hundreds of cryptocurrencies. Possibly if we beg hard enough, this solution would throw in the ability to rebalance whenever you choose. Boy, something like that would be a game changer.

Well, call me a genie because today I’m granting wishes.

Shrimpy is that game changer.

Coinbase v Shrimpy?

Shrimpy is a tool that allows you to control your assets. Simply deposit your cryptocurrencies to an exchange, allocate a diverse portfolio instantly, and rebalance over time. There are no minimum investments, no hidden fees, no trade limits, and best of all it’s completely free.


With Shrimpy, rebalance whenever your heart desires. Want to rebalance every hour? Go for it. Do you never want to rebalance? Be our guest.

“broad range”

“broad range”

According to Brian, the “Coinbase Index Fund” won’t even be rebalancing.


Have the pick of the litter with Shrimpy. Access hundreds of different crypto assets. Now, let’s see what Coinbase offers.

Such range, much diversity.

Such range, much diversity.

Coinbase should have just called their index fund the “Bitcoin Fund”. Nobody should spend $20 million to only have the option to “diversify” into a fund that has 4 crypto assets. Especially when 2 of them combined only make up 11% of the fund.


You have money. At Shrimpy, we assume you want to keep your money. This is why our service is completely free to use. No Fees, no subscriptions, and no hidden costs.


Coinbase charges a 2% annual management fee. Since they don’t rebalance, I don’t know where the “management” aspect plays a role, because it sounds like they are just holding it in a wallet until you want it back. Save yourself $400,000 on that $20 million investment and buy a Ledger Nano S if you just wanted a place to store your crypto.


With Shrimpy, you control your funds. Select the assets you desire, invest how much you want, and liquidate instantly.

The redemption window for Coinbase is quarterly. This means the worst case scenario is investors wait 3 months to pull their investments. To paint a picture of how long that would be in the crypto space, let’s look at BTC. The price of Bitcoin went from $6k to $20k and all the way back down to $6k in less than 90 days. This means deciding to liquidate your assets months in advance can lead to catastrophic loses for your portfolio.

Wrap Up

We want you to have the flexibility that cryptocurrencies provide. Don’t lock yourself into an investment you will regret. Experience the freedom of a new financial market.

Embrace the future, with Shrimpy.

Rebalancing with Shrimpy

Shrimpy simplifies the entire portfolio management and rebalancing process to a point and click interface. Quickly select assets, instantly allocate a diverse portfolio, and rebalance on a scheduled time period. Best of all, Shrimpy is completely free to use right now!

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