Free Historical OHLCV Trade Charting Data for Crypto Exchanges

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Shrimpy has been rocking the cryptocurrency data scene lately and we aren’t slowing down. Our team is excited to announce we now support free charting data across the 16 exchanges we currently support. This OHLCV data can be accessed through our Universal Crypto Exchange APIs here: 

Shrimpy | Crypto Trading APIs for Developers

Once again — this data is free. That means you don’t need to register an account, you don’t need to subscribe to our newsletter, and you don’t even need an API key. It’s public for all to access.

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Getting Started

Example OHLCV charting data from the Bittrex Exchange.

Example OHLCV charting data from the Bittrex Exchange.

As always, the Shrimpy APIs are the easiest way for developers to integrate data across all the exchanges we support. The following example is a brief demonstration of how to request candlestick data from our public candlesticks endpoint which is documented here.

Get Candlesticks Endpoint Documentation

Example Request


Note: You don’t need fancy tools to access this data. If you’re not a developer, it’s not a problem! Simply copy the link above into your web browser without the “GET” text. Data will instantly populate your screen.

Example Response

    "open": "0.0000157300000000",
    "high": "0.0000157800000000",
    "low": "0.0000155800000000",
    "close": "0.0000157100000000",
    "volume": "219444.0000000000000000",
    "quoteVolume": 3.44176145,
    "btcVolume": 3.44176145,
    "usdVolume": 27437.297915762,
    "time": "2019-05-24T23:00:00.000Z"
    "open": "0.0000157100000000",
    "high": "0.0000157500000000",
    "low": "0.0000156900000000",
    "close": "0.0000157300000000",
    "volume": "1603.0000000000000000",
    "quoteVolume": 0.02520959,
    "btcVolume": 0.02520959,
    "usdVolume": 201.98615317277,
    "time": "2019-05-25T00:00:00.000Z"

That’s it! 

Enjoy the data, build powerful applications, and define the future of the crypto market. 

Shrimpy provides the tools your development team needs to scale from 1 user to 1,000,000. Start experimenting with everything the Shrimpy Developer APIs have to offer!

Shrimpy | Crypto Trading APIs for Developers

About Shrimpy

Shrimpy is a free application which helps cryptocurrency users automate indexing strategies. With only a few clicks, track the crypto market and implement periodic rebalances. In addition to the indexing features, Shrimpy users can follow other traders in the social program, analyze historical backtests, and deep dive into their portfolio with our analytical tools.

Shrimpy’s Crypto Trading API is a robust infrastructure solution for crypto developers. Our developer APIs allow 3rd party applications to connect to our advanced exchange management engine. Instantly integrate with 16 exchanges for uniform trading endpoints, product scalability, data access, and user management. The Developer APIs support Binance, Bittrex, Kraken, Coinbase Pro, KuCoin, Poloniex, and more!

CoinOrderBook is a free real-time crypto exchange order book data provider that leverages the powerful Shrimpy Developer APIs. Browse asset listings, analyze arbitrage opportunities, collect order book data, and evaluate trading pair spreads.

~The Shrimpy Team