KuCoin Partners with Shrimpy to Simplify Portfolio Management

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Today Shrimpy is proud to announce the beginning of a unique partnership. We are pleased to announce KuCoin as Shrimpy’s official exchange partner!

With a shared vision of facilitating global adoption of cryptocurrencies, Shrimpy and KuCoin have joined together to make trading cryptocurrencies a simple and easy process for everyone!

What is KuCoin?

Launched in September 2017, KuCoin is a global cryptocurrency exchange based in Singapore, with additional offices located in China, Thailand, the Philippines, and Bulgaria. Known as “The People’s Exchange”, KuCoin aims to provide users a secure and convenient trading platform for digital asset and cryptocurrencies.

Recently, KuCoin closed their Series A round of funding, raising $20 million (USD) from IDG Capital, Matrix Partners and Neo Global Capital. Backed by some of the most prominent digital asset investment groups, KuCoin aims to make a strong push to bring cryptocurrency to the masses.

Why KuCoin?

Competitive Trading Fees

With some of the lowest trading fees across all exchanges, KuCoin offers a swift deposit/withdrawal system which allows users to start trading instantly.

Mobile App

KuCoin offers mobile app support for both Android and iOS devices users, allowing users to trade on the go.

Customer Service/Support

KuCoin has multi-language customer support available 24/7, 365 days of the year. KuCoin also manages social communities in multiple languages to assist its users from all across the globe.

Trading Competition

KuCoin regularly holds trading competitions for newly-listed coins, where prizes are given out to traders based on individual trading volume.

KuCoin Shares

Kucoin Shares (KCS) are the native cryptocurrency issued by KuCoin Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform. KuCoin Shares have several use cases, explained below.

KuCoin Shares Bonus

Users who hold KCS receive 50% of all trading fees generated by KuCoin, which are distributed based on the number of KCS held by each user.

Learn more about KuCoin Shares Bonus here.

KCS Trading Fee Discount

Users who hold KCS on KuCoin receive an additional discount on their trading fees. For every user holding at least 1000 KCS, this will result in a 1% discount on trading fees. The maximum discount rate shouldn’t exceed 30%. Therefore, holding 10,000 KCS results in a 10% discount, holding 30,000 KCS results in the maximum discount rate of 30%.

Learn more about KCS Trading Fee Discounts here.

Vote for Listings

Users who hold KCS can use KCS to vote for coins that they would like to be listed on KuCoin.

Learn more about Voting for Coins here.

Referral Bonus Program

Receive KuCoin Shares as a referral bonus when a friend registers and completes a trade. Bonuses are paid out per order, and friend referral bonuses are effective for one year from your friend’s first completed trade.

Learn more about KuCoin’s Referral Bonus program here.

Preferred KuCoin Account

Once a user obtains a certain amount of KCS, they are eligible for KuCoin’s premium services, which include one-on-one investment consultation, customer service Fast-Pass, etc.  

Trading Competition

To kick off this partnership, we are happy to announce the Shrimpy x KuCoin Trading Competition! Please check out the competition details here.

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The Shrimpy Team