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Shrimpy now accepts Crypto Payments

Today, our team is excited to announce we are now accepting cryptocurrency payments. Instead of relying on PayPal for subscriptions, everyone will now have the option to pay for premium services with crypto. This option will provide a way for you to access Shrimpy’s premium features at a discounted rate. Save as much as 22% by subscribing to Shrimpy for a full 12 months.

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Shrimpy adds Bitfinex 

The Shrimpy team is excited to announce Bitfinex is now available for portfolio automation and API access through Shrimpy. This marks the 16th exchange integrated into our rapidly growing platform. In the coming months, our vast coverage of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges will help us maintain our status as the leading crypto trading platform.

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Shrimpy now supports Bitstamp

Shrimpy is excited to announce official support for Bitstamp! 

All Bitstamp traders can now use the Shrimpy application to manage their own crypto index fund directly through their Bitstamp account!

Advanced Bitstamp traders can use Shrimpy’s Crypto Trading API to execute manual and automated orders. Crypto indexing and rebalancing features in the Shrimpy Application are also available in the Shrimpy API.

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