Order Book - Universal APIs for Real-Time Crypto Exchange Data 


Cryptocurrency exchanges have an abundance of data. In an industry that never sleeps, neither does the stream of information. The shear volume of this information has caused many services to restrict the resolution or availability of price movements. CoinMarketCap is one of these services. While their data is useful for some situations, it lacks the precision that is necessary for real-time trade execution. It neither updates in real-time nor does it allow for the collection of full order book data.

Shrimpy | Crypto Trading APIs for Developers

Distributing real time order book data requires sophisticated infrastructure to collect data across exchanges and organize it into an easy to understand interface. The Shrimpy Universal Crypto Exchange API has accomplished this feat. Plugging into 16 exchanges, developers who use the Shrimpy developer APIs are able to collect full order book data across every major exchange in real-time. 

Real-Time Full Order Book 

Imagine there were a single API endpoint where you could access the order book of every single crypto asset pair across every major exchange. Instantly giving you the ability to make real-time decisions on the market.

I’ve got news for you! Shrimpy supports a single API endpoint where you can access the order book of every single crypto asset pair across every major exchange. 

The best part is it’s completely public! Free to use, there is no sign up required. 

Example order book: In this example, the best bid price is 5067.269 USD and the best ask price is 5071.5 USD for Bitcoin. Source: Bittrex

Example order book: In this example, the best bid price is 5067.269 USD and the best ask price is 5071.5 USD for Bitcoin. Source: Bittrex

Data Customization

Easily customize the data you collect to meet your needs. 

Single Asset Pair — Single Exchange Example

Let’s say you’re developing a trading terminal where users will be able to see the asset order book of only one asset at a time and execute trades. The Shrimpy Developer APIs provide a convenient way to access this data. Simply set the exchange, base symbol, and quote symbol. 

GET https://dev-api.shrimpy.io/v1/orderbooks?exchange=bittrex&baseSymbol=XLM&quoteSymbol=BTC&limit=100

Single Asset — Multiple Exchanges Example

Let’s try another example. Say you want to find the best bid-ask pricing of XLM across every major exchange to look for opportunities for smart order routing or arbitrage. Simply include “all” exchanges. 

GET https://dev-api.shrimpy.io/v1/orderbooks?exchange=all&baseSymbol=XLM&quoteSymbol=BTC&limit=10

Multiple Quote Assets — Multiple Exchanges Example

Now, what if we wanted to pull order book data for every asset across every exchange which uses ETH and USDT as a quote currency. This is also easy with Shrimpy APIs. 

GET https://dev-api.shrimpy.io/v1/orderbooks?exchange=all&quoteSymbol=ETH,USDT&limit=10

Multiple Base Assets — Multiple Exchanges Example

Next, what if we wanted to pull order book data for base currencies XLM and LTC across every exchange.

GET https://dev-api.shrimpy.io/v1/orderbooks?exchange=all&baseSymbol=XLM,LTC&limit=10

Every Asset — Every Exchange Example

Finally, imagine you want to pull order book data across every asset and every exchange. It’s easy.

GET https://dev-api.shrimpy.io/v1/orderbooks?exchange=all&limit=10


Although each of these examples request different data, the responses to each of these API calls is the same. They all return data that’s structured in a consistent manner. 

  "baseSymbol": "XLM",
  "quoteSymbol": "BTC",
  "exchanges": [{
    "exchange": "Bittrex",
    "orderBook": {
      "asks": [
          "price": "0.00002585",
          "quantity": "1891.1316431"
          "price": "0.00002594",
          "quantity": "35200"
      "bids": [
          "price": "0.00002577",
          "quantity": "774.92250177"
          "price": "0.00002576",
          "quantity": "3509.07031022"

Limit Orders

Real-time order books go hand in hand with our crypto trade execution engine. In addition to collecting data across every major exchange, developers can now trade across every exchange using the limit order endpoints. These provide the most powerful way to instantly integrate trading into any crypto application. Learn more about these endpoints in one of our latest articles here:

Limit Orders  -  Universal APIs for Crypto Exchange Trade Execution


Real-time order book data is a critical aspect to trading cryptocurrencies. There are countless applications which require full order book data, but few services effectively aggregate this data across exchanges. 

Shrimpy | Crypto Trading APIs for Developers

Shrimpy APIs integrate real-time full order book data across every major exchange. However you want to use this data, Shrimpy provides the easiest way to access and manage connections to exchanges. Scale applications without losing your mind. Let Shrimpy manage your exchange connections so you can focus on your core product offerings. 

Which exchanges are currently supported?

The list of exchanges we support has been growing rapidly. We’ve added nearly 10 exchanges in the last few months and don’t plan on slowing down. The mission of Shrimpy is to connect every single exchange under one uniform interface. Right now, Shrimpy’s Crypto Trading APIs support the following exchanges:

Supported Exchanges.PNG

About Shrimpy

Shrimpy is an automated crypto trading & portfolio management tool that lets users automate their strategy.

Shrimpy also offers trading APIs for developers looking to integrate scalable exchange trading functionality into their application.

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