Shrimpy Releases The Kraken

The ground quakes as ripples radiate across the sea. The air cracks like a foghorn bellowing in the distant abyss.

“What have I done”, a small shrimp asks itself.

That rumbling is the sound of Shrimpy unleashing the Kraken.

With our primary focus on the US market, it only feels right to bring into the mix one of the first crypto exchanges. Founded in 2011, Kraken is nearly as old as the Bitcoin market itself.

Not to mention, it’s difficult to “Sail the high seas” without Shrimpy. It’s clearly a match made in heaven.

Besides the match on a sea level, Kraken also provides a number of other benefits that are important to the Shrimpy user base.

  • Increased liquidity

  • USD / CAD / EUR / GBP / JPY trading pairs

  • Deposit USD via wire transfer

Shrimpy has now released support for the Kraken exchange!

Use Shrimpy with Kraken to manage your entire portfolio.

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The Shrimpy Team

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