TL;DR Shrimpy Now Supports Binance

The Shrimpy website was recently released. It was nice, and everyone agreed. Until they noticed our glaring flaw. We didn’t support Binance. We were hoping nobody would notice, but you did.

We initially weren’t planning on supporting Binance, but after all these questions, we had to ask ourselves again… Should we support Binance?


So here we are now, writing an article just to say we are supporting Binance. You didn’t need to read until this point in the post, I think the title summed it up pretty well. That’s all we are announcing.

Since you are still reading, let’s brainstorm. We have been thinking about some features lately, so let’s throw some ideas at the wall. You can comment to let us know what resonates with you.

  1. A simple feature to see a comparison between rebalancing and buy and hold. Essentially, it could be something like another line on the dashboard graph that would show a comparison between your current portfolio value and the value of your portfolio had you not rebalanced. This way you can have a more defined view of how well rebalancing is helping your portfolio.

  2. Real-time backtest when adding and removing coins from your portfolio. We are still working out the details, but basically whenever you add or remove a coin from your portfolio, the website would run a backtest to give you an idea of how well that portfolio has been doing in the recent past. This could help you make decisions on what coins to put in your portfolio.

  3. Multiple exchange integration for a single account. A simple feature to toggle between different exchanges you are rebalancing on. This way you don’t need to sign up with multiple accounts to manage multiple exchanges with Shrimpy.

Ok, that’s all I’m giving out for now. Comment with what features you would like to see in the next version of Shrimpy.

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Leave a comment to let us know your experiences with rebalancing!

The Shrimpy Team