Celebrate August - Get Free Shrimpy Premium!

Historically, there hasn’t been much to celebrate in August. Sure, there is the “International Beer Day” and “National Ice Cream Sandwich Day” which both happen to fall on August 2nd. But what are you going to celebrate besides that, “National Clown Day”? No thanks.

This August, the Shrimpy team is giving you something to celebrate. While the last year hasn’t exactly been bliss for the cryptocurrency market, there has still been progress. The market has been showing signs of life and conversations surrounding digital assets have been picking up. People care more than ever about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Set your portfolio free with Shrimpy Premium

Throughout the month of August the Shrimpy team is excited to announce we will have a number of ways you can earn a free month of Shrimpy premium.

Publish an Article

Publish an article, blog post, or long form text somewhere about Shrimpy. It could be any topic relevant to Shrimpy. The strategy you are using, how to get started with Shrimpy, or different features we offer. Just remember to backlink to Shrimpy.io. Some locations you can consider posting include:

  • Quora

  • A Personal Blog

  • Stack Overflow

  • Medium

  • Hackernoon

  • Reddit

Create a Video

Create a YouTube video where you show off the Shrimpy application. Discuss your portfolio, teach someone how to use one of the Shrimpy features, or find a new and exciting way to educate users!

Refer Friends

Refer 3 new users to the Shrimpy application.


Make us an offer. That’s right! You tell us what you’re willing to offer for Shrimpy premium and we will accept or decline your offer. It could be anything. A handful of old Pokemon cards, a post to your 3k Twitter followers, or rare audio book.

Once you’ve done one of these things, send us an email to support@shrimpy.io to let us know. We will then credit your account with free premium.

Celebrate August with Shrimpy!

~ The Shrimpy Team