Kaiko Partners with Shrimpy - Historical Cryptocurrency Market Data


Historical crypto exchange market data has long been a concern for application developers and active traders. To design robust trading strategies, it’s important to first understand how a strategy has performed over historical data sets. This process is called “backtesting”.

Backtesting isn’t the only reason access to historical market data is important. Everything from charting prices to analyzing historical trends requires detailed historical data.

With limited options, many developers have turned to services like CoinMarketCap. Unfortunately, this meant developers were over paying for low quality data.

Instead of receiving exchange specific data which could be used for detailed analysis of cryptocurrencies, developers instead got aggregated data which wildly differed from actual exchange data. Making this data unusable for detailed analysis.

In an effort to bring precise historical data to developers and traders, Shrimpy has partnered with Kaiko for the support of extensive historical exchange data. Every trade carefully tracked on each individual exchange while also storing 1-minute snapshots of asset-specific order books. The result is one of the most comprehensive sets of data available in the market today.

Rolling this data into the Shrimpy Developer APIs means billions of historical data points will be at the tip of your fingers for rapid integration into your trading applications, investment platforms, or analytical tools.

Access data from the specific time periods you desire, examine strategies stretching over periods as far back as 2011, and keep up to date with our live data websockets.


Founded in 2014, Kaiko is a market data provider in the blockchain-based digital assets space, providing institutional investors and market participants with enterprise-grade data infrastructure.

We collect, normalize, store, and distribute digital assets market data via a livestream WebSocket, REST API, and cloud-based flat-file Data Feed, to which clients connect to build data-driven applications.

Our raw trade data, order books, and aggregates cover 10,000+ currency pairs across 70+ exchanges, with new markets added every day. With over five years of historical data, Kaiko provides the most extensive digital asset datasets in the industry.

Kaiko caters for the market data needs of professional investors, academic researchers, regulators, security issuers, third-party platforms and exchanges.


The Shrimpy team provides the most advanced unified crypto exchange trading APIs. Originally designed for scalable order execution across every major exchange, the Shrimpy team is excited to expand these offerings to include historical market data.

These new endpoints seamlessly operate with other market data endpoints including the real-time websockets for trade and order book data, along with candlestick (OHLCV) charting data.

Integrating with Shrimpy means developers will never again need to fuss with the variable behavior, conventions, and rate limits experienced across exchanges.

Shrimpy is the one API for everything you need from cryptocurrency exchanges.

All of these features are wrapped under flexible pricing plans which are ideal for anyone from individuals to institutional users. Read more about our new pricing plans here.

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Now that you have years of historical crypto exchange market data available to you, it’s time to get building. A revolution is coming to the financial market, but we still need professional tools for detailed market data analysis.

Plug into every major exchange and make your mark in the cryptocurrency industry. Sign up for the Shrimpy developer APIs today.

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