Shrimpy now accepts Crypto Payments


Being a leader for portfolio management in the cryptocurrency space means we frequently get asked why we don’t accept crypto payments. We agree it doesn’t make sense. Shrimpy needs to spend every effort to support the industry we are working so hard to build.

Today, our team is excited to announce we are now accepting cryptocurrency payments. Instead of relying on PayPal for subscriptions, everyone will now have the option to pay for premium services with crypto.

But wait, there’s more!

This option will provide a way for you to access Shrimpy’s premium features at a discounted rate. Save as much as 22% by subscribing to Shrimpy for a full 12 months.

Our team will be releasing a lot of exciting features in the coming weeks, so prepare for the future of crypto portfolio management by subscribing at a reduced rate.

Crypto Payment.PNG

The Shrimpy Team