The Cryptocurrency Exchange Market Data API

Data is the backbone of the financial world. It’s a vital component to constructing a robust portfolio strategy, building trading tools, or analyzing the market. Without the necessary data, both individuals and institutions feel like they are left in the dark.

In the cryptocurrency market, the data scene is still nascent. Only a decade ago our world was born with the launch of Bitcoin. Early on, few people were storing data, so finding a reliable data provider was hard to come by. As the space expanded and demand grew, more data providers eventually emerged on the scene.

However, there is a problem. Although the number of data providers is increasing, the price for data is staying at a premium.

Let me tell you a story

When the Shrimpy team was first putting together our backtesting tools, we began by reaching out to different data providers to get quotes on pricing. After sending an email to CoinMarketCap, this was the response we received.

CoinMarketCap Data Complete Set.PNG

Now, I’m not one to easily get shocked, but to be honest, I was shocked. Let’s break down all the problems with this email.

  1. CoinMarketCap is/was charging $100k for data.

  2. CoinMarketCap does not provide precise order book data, trade data, or even exchange specific pricing data. They only serve aggregated data. Aggregated data cannot be used for analytics, backtesting, historical charting, or seemingly any other purpose. This data is absolutely useless.

  3. CoinMarketCap only has data on a 5 minute interval.

  4. CoinMarketCap is/was charging $100k for data!

To keep the story short, we clearly didn’t take them up on this wonderful offer. Instead, we went with another data provider which actually allowed us to access historical order book snapshots, trade data, exchange specific pricing, and more. Even though it wasn’t $100k, every other service option was still expensive.

What are we doing about this?

The Shrimpy team doesn’t want anyone to ever again have the same experience we had with trying to find reasonably priced exchange data. Everyone should have access to the data they need to make intelligent decisions about the market. Nobody should need to pay thousands of dollars for aggregated pricing data which has no purpose to you.

Our mission is to make the exchange data freely available to everyone. No fees what-so-ever. This includes the following features across the 16 exchanges we support:

  • Free rest API for real-time full-depth order book data

  • Free live ticker data

  • Free endpoints for asset listings on each exchange

  • Free endpoints for available trading pairs on each exchange

  • Free OHLCV charting data

Soon, Shrimpy will provide historical trade data and order book snapshots. Each and every one of these endpoints is exchange specific, but conveniently combined into a unified API for uniform access.

But is it really free?

Yes, it is completely 100% free. We don’t need your credit card information, firstborn child, or photo ID. Sign up and start accessing the data at no cost.

Sign up for the developer APIs here.

Once you’ve signed up, generate your free Master API Key. This key gives you access to all of our data.

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